Currently I live in Krakow. I don’t have any visa issues except UK.

I’m thinking about Berlin. Does anybody have any suggestion?

We need something closer to Sapiens. There’s no point to explain the things to Neanderthals. They are not with us anymore.

Oyle degil mi knk

We’ll continue but they are speaking to us. I’ll get some amphetamine you can get too. Ok let’s continue. We learned the fundamental of Logic.


It’s something that we like also it’s something that we don’t like. How it’s possible? So let’s split the post.

Bad noise

This is something unpleasant. Some people making bad noises while they are speaking. We need to avoid them because bad noise can make you sick.

As I said we’re trying to reach 2021.

We can listen nice songs too

AAA — Modus Barbara (We are here at that moment)
EAE — Modus Celarent (We’ll drink some tea here you can drink too)
AII — Modus Darii (Next station)

You don’t need to fasten your seat belts.

So I will drink some coffee this time. As you can see I’m taking a drug you need to call the police. Tell them they there is a person in our neighborhood he’s riding the bike very fast and listening songs that we don’t understand and doing eroining heroinevering amphetamine.

So as I said we’ve been speaking all wrong and we are trying to fix it. In previous post we learned how to draw a valid conclusion based on two valid or invalid proposals. AAA — Modus Barbara (We were here) EAE — Modus Celarent (We’re going there) EIO — Modus Fresison (Future, 2021 probably)


So we need to move on.

In order to continue in Celarent, we need to back to some subjects that we have missed in our first schools. It doesn’t make any sense to speak with words anymore. We all haves cameras in…

We’re in the prison now. But actually it’s ok because we have food, internet, and everything so what else. But anyway we need to continue.

Predicate logic. Knk pogaca almaya gidiyorum sikinti yok dimi

We need to find a way to escape.

First, you need to check the JAIL documentation page and try to understand what’s happening there. So in order to escape, we need to learn how to speak in a logical way. So we need to make logic. There’s no other way around.

You’re in prison because you’re speaking like that:

  • Hey are you ok? (Doesn’t mean anything, OK means cursor in your screen)
  • Are you here? (Where exactly?)
  • Do you have a moment? …

They think you’re a terrorist because you’re not smiling enough. So we’ll fix it but I will drink some tea first, you can drink too. There are some ways to fix that problem because I don’t have to be happy. Some people are like that they don’t smile it’s quite OK. It’s 2021. Some people want to stay like that. OK as I said according to the new regulations you can’t just do just science or programming, you need to do both of them at the same time.


You invent a gun and kidnap a nice lady in airport

So you don’t need to invent a gun because you can spit…

Actually, landing is easier in in comparison with taking off. Some people says landing is harder than taking off, but this is not correct. So if you watch nice ladies during the landing, you might experience some problems during the landing, this is correct, but it’s not our problem. So don’t invent an argument or phrase that says the same thing twice, just in a different way, just to justify your existence because the flight was handled by auto-pilot and you were watching some nice ladies and pretending that you’re riding the aircraft. So, look at the nature, I don’t…

Fatih Erikli

I am a neurologist. I have an ability to kill people. I have done it myself.

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