Non-developers guide to the programming with non-continuous consonants.

In previous chapter, we covered continuous consonants. What were they? Let’s rephrase them again.

I can’t pin this article to my profile. What a shame. I’m mad but not so much so it’s OK let continue.

They are also called voiced consonants. So if we sum them up, we fold them as voiced continuant consonants. It’s a shame that even the spell checker doesn’t recognize that word. Are we really sure that we’re around 2021? Premises can’t be questions, so let’s continue.

It looks like that

So let’s repeat. Ge, Je, Le, Me, Ne, Re, Ve, Ye, Ze. Let’s make some words with them. Geveze, Zelele, Jeleme, Geje, Meme, Meze. So it’s very simple and we only used just one vowel sound. I wonder what will happen when we go further. Maybe we can sing a song too. It’s amazing.

So let’s continue.

Non-continuant voiced consonants.

This is very simple.

So let’s sound our first words. Bege, Cege, Dege, Gece. You can also use them like a continuous and sound like Bee, but it will be hard to distinguish it with the other sounds, so that’s why we call them as Non-continuous sounds. So maybe that’s why Bee means something working pretty fine in English.

Ne bal yaptik bee dur kankalari ariyim kis kis kis ALO ALO HEARTHBREAK HEARTBREAK

Voiced consonants

This is the most fun part. So these consonants are making a “voice” too, even without any vowel sound. These are just 4. We use them to define our passwords too, in that way it will be easier to remember your password and pass it to somebody else.


It’s a word to use to program some things around the world.


This is a word that helps us to program the things including itself.


This is a phone that we use to communicate with other computers.


It’s an animal living in Australia.

We don’t have a kangaroo in our continent so i put some sheeps.

Voiceless Non Continuant sounds


This means the wind coming from Swiss mountains.

We can track the wind by utilizing the nearest search engine.


This is a place we go in case of any emergency. So committing a suicide is not an emergency case, you can die by your own.

We need to be silent there.


It’s not needed at all.

So let’s sum them all up.

Line number eight copula Basemode.
There are some empty spaces left there intentionally.

So we will continue with Vowel sounds in the next chapter.

Notes from a never ending story. I am writing a Prolog interpreter currently.

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