Non-developers guide to the Python Programming Language continues.

So we learned how to find a girlfriend in the previous chapter, now we need to go for a date with her.

We can skip the date actually and just get married but lets have a dinner first and proof that we are actually boyfriendsandgirlfriends, but we got a problem, we don’t know where is she. She’s a runaway.

So she is busy with not being here at that moment.

So we will find her by using the aperture machines. Some people call them, camera obscura but this is not quite correct, because camera obscura means dark chamber. This is 2021. Everything you saw around yourself is a camera obscura at that moment, because you make some shadows and spouting your reflection everywhere. So we’ll find her.

So you are reverse-vomiting yourself to the devices that you use in daily basis. Vomiting means you are exporting the things inside of you. Reverse vomiting means importing the things around you, so eating. So you are eating some particles when you read something in internet.

So you are basically eating these words and interpreting them.

She’s stealing my elektromagnetische strahlungs so I will call the police.

I’m mad.

So I called the police. They found stolen elektromagnetische strahlungs. They also found some dead batteries, probably she was eating them too and vomited them during the no-knock raid by security officers.

She succeeded to run away unfortunately.


So I will stop writing for awhile because I need to take a sick leave, people in my current workplace think that I am not working and I went crazy and I need to take a sick leave.

They are also working from home too. I was also accused by stealing a manual tester’s time, because I wasn’t able to fix it in time, because I was distracted by her ugly voice.

She was also asking if I have a girlfriend each time she was breaking a device and creating a Jira ticket with it. I am leaving this sugar-cube here so feel free to print with a printer and pour it to your coffee.

I don’t even know how to take a sick leave, I never did in the last 10 years, because I am a neurologist and a I create surgery machines. So I can kill the doctors by accident.

I won’t take a sick leave.

I need to think about my wedding, I don’t want to see anyone.

Don’t get close to anybody who looks like a frog. I am serious. Also don’t talk to anybody who just show up after a maternity leave and sounding louder than anybody else in the room. It’s pure ignorance.

I can burn the wedding invitations that I received in my current company too.

I can vomit some KEZZAP at you too.

I will not tell the name of the element.

But if you just remove that lady from there everything will be ok.

She can just work somewhere else, maybe cleaning the toilets etc. There are lots beautiful ladies there doing cleaning. I think they can be automation engineers. They deserve it more than the ones who are not seeing what is happening right behind their displays.

So in that way we will increase the AVG(beauty).

I don’t want to see her.


Notes from a never ending story. I am writing a Prolog interpreter currently.

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