Non-developers guide to the Python Programming Language Part II

So, in the second part of the article, we stop writing code and start speaking as less possible.

Let’s start. We start with silence.

The story will continue. You can try to refresh the page every morning instead of reading a newspaper.

Also, the time is something that we need to understand. Time is moving only as you breathe. So, the less you breathe, the more you live. You can try that while running, or riding, or writing.

So it doesn’t really matter how old are you. You’re not old.

So, me and +1 published a project named “”, which is a medium publication, but also a repository on github.

In this repository, there’s an animation of the nervous systems of human persons. It’s something like this:

So we uploaded ourselves to the clouds. So what happens next? Premises can’t be questions.

After that moment, we don’t need hospitals. Your computer is your hospital. So you need to be very careful while pressing the buttons. You should not press the wrong button. You might have problems like:

  • Tooth paining
  • Hearth burning
  • It might start sounding 21 pilots — Nico and the niners.

Ok, we’re in clouds, but it’s sunny Today. But there are some clouds in some places. So let’s swim a little bit near the Stratosfear.

Oh, I see some creatures.

Looks very interesting, I want to check it a little bit. The spider is landed on a land. So I went inside this sound roof.

We are reading and writing from left-to-right. If you have an objection, start signing with your left hand. If you can’t do it, you can’t use the texts written from right to left and take an advantage of it. This is very simple. I don’t care what is your “لل” saying , but this is the reality.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici elit ist ein Blindtext, der nichts bedeuten soll, sondern als Platzhalter im Layout verwendet wird, um einen Eindruck vom fertigen Dokument zu erhalten. Die Verteilung der Buchstaben und der Wortlängen des pseudo-lateinischen Textes entspricht in etwa der natürlichen lateinischen Sprache. Der Text ist absichtlich unverständlich, damit der Betrachter nicht durch den Inhalt abgelenkt wird. Look I made you a new book. Read this if you want to read something.

God is dead says Nietzsche and commits suicide. Production might be broken. We’re organizing a funeral ceremony.

Lets watch some news.

So I also took some other pictures during my visit. I want to share them.

Here’s the sound-roofs that I took as a picture.

So, you need to put all the books written from right-to-left to the fridge if you live in Europe. Otherwise you need to pay double taxes. You can search about “double taxation”.

So, we understood that we can’t get some food by just “singing”. You need to write a poem in order to get a food.

Poems are built on top of logical gates. The logical gates are like this: AND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, XNAND.

We also have some states: Only two of them. The labels doesn’t matter. On/Off. True/False.

The last picture was then in Safranbolu. Safranbolu means “Safranpolis”. Safran is a flower that Persian people use a lot and it makes the rice yellow. The flower itself is purple.

So lets write some poems.

So let’s imagine we are having a geirlfriend.

So me is 0 and the imaginary person is 1.

When we are connected with the OR gate; we are not actually boyfriend and girlfriends.

When we are connected with the AND gate, We’re boyfriendsandgirlfriends but the have directed relationships so one of us can bruk of with one of us.

When we are connected with the XOR gate; it means it’s a very complicated relationship and we need some silbers to fix it.

When we are connected with the XNOR gate; we bruk up but we have a brentz hearth burning. So she’s trying to convince to go to the AND gate but it’s a bit XOR.

When we are connected with the NAND gate; we are boyfriendsandgirlfriends and nobody can bruk up anymore in promises, but if you can pay some silbers to her, you can go to the OR state again.


Also the birds are doing some sort of logical gates to pick some food. They are singing for collaboration.

So how do they do that? I think we can learn lots of things from them.

Swarm Intelligence

It will continue as you already know. Now we need to watch some beautiful persons. So lets start by imagining a beautiful person first. So we don’t have a name for that person yet. At that moment we start to use variables. Because we didn’t name it yet. So let it be


She looks bruk.

Maybe we can teach her how to make some a sound so she can say whats wrong there.

So what will happen if I put this imaginary lady to a face detection service that we use in our daily basis?

So the machine says it’s positive.
We are also positive.

So we need to save her. She seems quite alive to be honest, but maybe she committed a suicide by accident or something like that.

So we have two states, we are either ALIVE or DEAD. So she’s in DEAD state. We need to somehow switch that state. So how to make her alive? As I said premises can’t be questions.

So this is our doctor. We need to inform the doctor. But first we need to organize a funeral ceremony for her.

So the funeral is over, but don’t worry the girl, we’ll send you a signal wave and get out of there when the people leave the funeral place.

So turn on your phone after the funeral party and visit the following website:

You will see a button “Commit suicide” there. It will ask you some questions but don’t worry everything will be fine.

So you will commit suicide again and you will switch to ALIVE state from the DEAD state. Because double negative makes a positive result too.

The first question is something like do you really want to commit suicide. So you say OK. And the next question is a bit tricky, it asks your excuse for committing suicide. Actually the answer of question is executed in your mobile phone. So you need to make it break. So you need to break your mobile phone to get some help.

Just answer the question something like “BREAKHEART” without quotes. If you make it with quotes, it will be a valid string, so the machine will not break. Also if you know Javascript, you can somehow book an AIRPLANE or something and get out of there too, so it’s up to you.

I am a neurologist. I have an ability to kill people. I have done it myself.

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