So Non-developers guide to everything continues after a therapy session

But I’ll take a nap now.

So I took a nap after the therapy session and I seem OK. That’s what he meant. If you have an objection, my therapist can organize a therapy session with you too. At least he understand what does “euthanasia” mean.

So therapy is important. As I said, this article series was introduction to programming but thing went too far so you need to take some therapy. And please god damn don’t take a free therapy session. Pay as much as money you can for it.

So, the thing is my resource manager was thinking that I am not working properly but s(he) is using a different operating system than I use, and s(he) receive some updates (regularly) but, s(he) skips them intentionally. That’s why they thought I wasn’t working, but actually I was working even they were celebrating their birthday parties. So the update window is a dialogue too.

This part is very important.

So I can come to the office but I prefer to work from home because we are in the middle of a pandemic. So if somebody want I also bought a fire distinguish-er to home so we can work in my garden too. So if we want to do some programming, we need to be sure that we have a safe working zone. The device that you are using is a medical device, and at the same time it’s a tool that you can request help in case of any problem.

The device you’re using also the control panel of your home, and the cooker, and everything. So don’t try to break it just to justify your existence in your company. At the end you’re using that device. Donate your organs to fix everything back.

Especially if you’re doing something in kitchen (I don’t think so but its ok) so you need to have a fire distinguisher to distinguish if it’s a fire or not. So in case of any fire, you can vomit the plasma-like liquids within the device to the fire. So there’s an handler for making it vomiting. But it might be hard to handle it because it requires some muscle so you might not have that, in that case you can call the real fire distinquishers.

This is an active fire protection device (AFP).

So some of you are just throwing these devices to the fire, it’s totally wrong. So something might go terrible wrong if you do that. So the question is, how to vomit this devices in order to spout some flame freezer particles?

Nice to meet us AFP. So some of us try to just put you to the fire instead of reverse-inserting the PIN code if you. It’s totally wrong. I told them that they will not do it again.

So as I said we should not throw the active fire protection devices to the fire. So how to do it? So you need to remove the PIN of the device and spout it to the fire in case of emergency. Actually I don’t think you will even see a real fire in your life but it’s och too. You have an electronic cooker at home. You don’t even have a match at home. So can you make a fire at home? You can’t.

So lets not think about it but as I said in case of any problem you should not throw AFPs to the fire. It’s important. If you skip this part, things may go wrong and we might have to call the the firefighting officers to your flat because you are forcing your AFP to commit suicide.

Yo budy i am doing some copyright violation here is it ok? I am using them to remove some fire is it ok?

Premises can’t be questions so I think it’s OK. Actually we can make a fire at home but I won’t tell you.

Ok ok I will tell you. So do you have a microwave at home?

Bunun dagitilmasina engel olmaliyiz.

Ok so I will come back to this topic after the next chapter because things might go wrong and you might think you got a hearth burning cancer or something like that and lets not do it.


So we have a computer and our house (ship) working, it’s very important. We can do some programming.

Notes from a never ending story. I am writing a Prolog interpreter currently.

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