So they didn’t accept the proposal and

We’re in the prison now. But actually it’s ok because we have food, internet, and everything so what else. But anyway we need to continue.

We need to find a way to escape.

First, you need to check the JAIL documentation page and try to understand what’s happening there. So in order to escape, we need to learn how to speak in a logical way. So we need to make logic. There’s no other way around.

You’re in prison because you’re speaking like that:

  • Hey are you ok? (Doesn’t mean anything, OK means cursor in your screen)
  • Are you here? (Where exactly?)
  • Do you have a moment? (Guess so.)
  • Can I borrow your time? (No unless you’re a Norwegian lady)
  • Can we talk? (Yes we’re doing it now)
  • Can we talk later? (No)
  • Can you join to standup? (I don’t have to, standup means comedy in English)
  • Can you pay the fine? (Yes because “nice” is a nice word, it means you’re paying)
  • Can you pay the electricity bill? (No because I need electricity to pay it)
  • Can you pay the internet bill? (No because you need an internet access to pay it)

So these are some fallacies they you do in daily basis and you’re not even aware of it. And you’re paying with your money all of them, because you pay the telephone bill at the and of the month. So speaking nonsense is expensive. You need to learn how to speak properly instead of complaining about your mortgage debt and nagging to get some salary increase and paying a lot of moneys to SSRIs to cure yourself.

Speaking nonsense words means crying. Babies do it like that when they were born. They learn how to speak and stop crying. So you need to grow.

How to speak

We need to speak by concluding propositions. What is a proposition?

I (subject) have (verb, or copula) a mortgage debt (object).

So as you can see this is not even English.

Froja (subject) beautiful(object).
Job (subject) done(object).
Back (subject) to (dative case) story (object).

We don’t have any verb here but we understand that the subject is sending us a message. This is called Subject-Predicate logic.

How to draw a valid conclusion

So you need to propose two contradicting premises, and you need to conclude something valid based on these propositions.

People are strange.
Socrates is a person.
Therefore, Socrates is strange.

This is a Modus Barbara formed argument. Doesn’t matter which language you’re speaking, you’re saying the same thing at the end. That’s how translation engines work.

In North-Germanic languages, it corresponds to the following proposal.

Before going to the next argument form, we need to learn how to quantify the things and we need to be able to indicate if the message we are sending is an affirmative or negative. This is called quality. Quantity indicates whether we’re talking about “all” of them, or just “some” of them.

Quantities: All and Some.

All humans are mortal.
Some humans are mortal.

Qualities: Affirmative and Negative.

All humans are mortal. (Affirmative)
No humans are mortal. (Negative)

Humans are mortal (Affirmative)
We don’t need to indicate affirmative quantities. We speak like that in our daily lives because it is understandable.

Humans are not mortal (Negative)
In that example we skipped the quantity part and concluded another subject by applying a logical operator to the subject.

So we learned one type of argument now. There’s a lot of them. AAA — Modus Barbara (You are here at that moment) EAE — Modus Celarent AII — Modus Darii EIO — Modus Ferio AAI — Modus Barbari EAO — Modus Celaront AOO — Modus Baroco EAE — Modus Cesare AEE — Modus Camestres EIO — Modus Festino OAO — Modus Bocardo AII — Modus Datisi IAI — Modus Disamis EIO — Modus Ferison AAI — Modus Darapti EAO — Modus Felapton AAI — Modus Bamalip AEE — Modus Calemes IAI — Modus Dimatis EAO — Modus Fesapo EIO — Modus Fresison (2021)

ψ this is a letter, ω this is a letter too.
λ this is not a lambda calculus, this lower-case of another letter Λ.

Post will continue with Modus Celarent.

Notes from a never ending story. I am writing a Prolog interpreter currently.

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