So we landed but there’s a problem

They think you’re a terrorist because you’re not smiling enough. So we’ll fix it but I will drink some tea first, you can drink too. There are some ways to fix that problem because I don’t have to be happy. Some people are like that they don’t smile it’s quite OK. It’s 2021. Some people want to stay like that. OK as I said according to the new regulations you can’t just do just science or programming, you need to do both of them at the same time.


You invent a gun and kidnap a nice lady in airport

So you don’t need to invent a gun because you can spit like a lama. Some ladies do it like that and they didn’t face with any problem.

You go to custom declaration

So if you don’t want to kidnap a nice lady and get in trouble, you can go to the custom declaration. So you can listen nice songs with the lady, she’ll let you in. So while listening some nice songs you will click this link play some games.

This is not a car.

So if she doesn’t like nice songs, things will be complicated but it’s ok.

So you will show this to them but it will take a bit longer because you need to create a political party with that lady so we’ll do it but you need to print this and reverse loplop to your stomach I will explain later.

So you need to get a paper and draw something with that lady.

So you can draw something like that it’ll be ok.

We can decide about the colors later.

So after deciding about the color, you need to choose a name for the party. If you have an access to internet at that point, you can click to that excel sheet. It’s editable by everyone who has an internet access. If you don’t have an internet access, you might be a frog. Or you can go to France too.

As you can see you need to get a gun in order to defend your rights.
And if you zoom in a little bit, you’ll see that it’s not a rainbow story.
So you will end up in scientific socialism in order to not get exiled.

Let’s say we’re not in the airport yet and we’re looking for the visa procedures. So if you have a cousin or something like that understand computers, you can ask to him that he can create a dhkpc-server for you by using this program.

TIP, Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.

Faculty of Medicine.
Faculty of Law.
Faculty of Science.
Faculty of Distance Education
Faculty of Transportation and Logistics.
Faculty of Nursing.
Applied Cinematography.


So I will continue in new post because they put us in prison. But it’s ok.

Notes from a never ending story. I am writing a Prolog interpreter currently.

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