We learned to fly, now we need to learn how to land

Actually, landing is easier in in comparison with taking off. Some people says landing is harder than taking off, but this is not correct. So if you watch nice ladies during the landing, you might experience some problems during the landing, this is correct, but it’s not our problem. So don’t invent an argument or phrase that says the same thing twice, just in a different way, just to justify your existence because the flight was handled by auto-pilot and you were watching some nice ladies and pretending that you’re riding the aircraft. So, look at the nature, I don’t see any bird has fallen down during the landing. If they know how to fly, they know how to land.

So the real problem is pasaport checking procedures after the landing, not the landing itself.

So first we need to understand neurotransmitters and and find a way to control them. So you need seem happy during the passport check and so they will not think that you’re a terrorist. But to be honest it’s 2021 and I don’t see any point to be happy actually, so we will do it in some other way.

So you will download some neurotransmitters to your computer. They are chemical messengers that transmits signals from one neuron to another one. So in that way, we don’t have to be happy, and we can focus on something else.

So they are sending messages to each other in that way

If you download this PNG file, you will download some happiness too if it’s necessary. So instead of celebrating birthday of your boyfriendorgirlfriend and buying some stuff with your credit card, you can crop this PNG file and send it via social media.

If you want you can send some adrenaline as well, in that way you don’t have to beat him. You can also send some dopamine too but I will not share it with you.
In more technical terms, the neurotransmitters works in that way.

Just watch it I’ll explain it later. You need to zoom in them and do some inductive reasoning, then zoom out and deduct some assumptions. You all look very sad to be honest you need to reverse loplop some seratonins via neurotransmitters of your nervous system.

So, as a tradition, and according to the new regulations, we can’t do just coding or programing, we need to do both of them. I am splitting again.

So in our previous posts we made a girlfriend but I talked to her she doesn’t want. She has a BF or something like that and they need to pay some morgate or something I couldn’t quite catch it but it’s ok. It’s up to her. I’ll make another girlfriend for myself.

This time I will make a business girlfriend myself.

So in order to make a girlfriend who does not have any mortgage debt, we need to make it from the very beginning, so we need to make it via Polygons. If you just download a 3d model from internet some companies may claim rights in your girlfriend.


So let’s wait for her to be rendered a little bit.

In order to make her rendered faster, we need to put some devices that detects light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons and transmit it to related parts in our nervous systems.

So also she needs to think a little bit i guess so lets see what she’ll say I’ll drink some tea.
So I’m putting here some friend for her too maybe she’ll negotiate and also she will prevent overlopping some piksels.

Geldim, kiz olumlu sinyal gonderdi, yesillendirdi baya, ben bi cay iceyim kahvalti yapayim devam edicem. Keje modemin basina birini koyun sikinti cikmasin. I will continue in new post.

Mutlu olmak zorunda miyim ben ya boyle sey olabilir mi (mad accent)
Keje modemin basinda.

Notes from a never ending story. I am writing a Prolog interpreter currently.

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